sample - menu subject to change


Assorted cold beverages

​​​* Breakfast available all day *


                Classic - one local egg, cheddar
cheese, your choice of Red Barn bacon or ham, topped
​                with Sriracha mayo
- $7

                 Whole Hog - one local egg, cheddar cheese, Red Barn bacon and ham, topped with      
​                 sriracha mayo - $8

                Jammer - House‐made bacon jam, banana peppers, fried egg and cheddar cheese - $7

​                The Boss Hog - One fried egg, cheddar cheese, Red Barn bacon and ham, bacon jam 
​                and banana peppers topped with sriracha mayo - $10

                The Veg - One fried egg, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, grilled onions topped with
                sriracha mayo - $6


All breakfast buns served on the freshest Bond Bond's Bakery buns

   level ground coffee - $2


  • THE cheese lover's - $7.00

           Sweet & simple - a mix of three cheeses on French bread


  • THE JACKHAMMER - $8.00  

                    Ham, jack cheese and banana peppers on French bread   


  • Jack & bacon - $9.00

                    Monteray Jack cheese with crispy slices of Red Barn bacon on French bread         


All bread and buns baked fresh daily by Bond Bond's Bakery

  • the jammer - $7.00

           House-made bacon jam topped with grilled hot peppers and cheddar cheese on
                   French bread  


  • THE bto - $10.00  

                    Bacon, Sun Wing farms tomatoes and grilled onions topped with Swiss cheese on levain